The Curse of Rain Upon the Homeowner

I like rain. I didn’t in the past, but now rain and I have come to an understanding. Rain does its thing to keep me, my yard, my garden, and just about everything else alive. I keep my mouth shut and let rain do its thing. End of story.

Or so I thought. Until a few nights ago I thought to myself, “Man, it’s really coming down out there.” So I walked to the back door to check things out and was greeted by not only a torrential downpour but also my very own Angel Falls (or a very poor imitation thereof). Yep, you guessed it, my gutters were full and overflowing. Sure, I’d noticed the telltale signs of leaves sticking out the top of the gutter a few days before; however, being a relatively new homeowner I thought to myself, “Ah, it’ll last a few more days.” Besides, I had other projects I was working on at the time.

So much for lasting a few more days. I was now faced with the reality that my gutters would not clean themselves and that if I failed to act I would soon have a nice impression made in my deck from where my very own personal waterfall made its sudden, and noisy, end. (OK, so it wasn’t THAT bad…I’m exaggerating for effect, but you get the point.)

Lucky for me, I’ve owned my house for a while and have already dealt with this very same issue last season. Only last time I didn’t have any way to deal with it, so I just let it rain and rain and rain all while I waited for my gutters to be ripped off the side of my house by the sheer weight of so many leaves plus the deluge of water under a heavy rain. Oh, did I mention that one of my gutters is over twenty feet in the air? Oh, and there’s a slope under that side of the house. Oh yeah, roll, baby, roll…thud. No, I wasn’t going to risk a visit to the ER just to clean my gutters. There HAD to be another way.

What did I do? I started searching for “gutter cleaning tools”, “gutter cleaning methods”, “gutter cleaning high gutters”, etc. etc. etc. ad nauseum (loosely translated “until you puke” for you non-Latin types out there). I just couldn’t find anything to start with. Then I found the holy-grail of would be do-it-yourself-gutter-cleaner-people-with-homes-that-have-high-gutters.

Gutter Sense!

Sure, I thought “Is this legit?” to myself. But after reading, and reading, and reading again I just didn’t find the same “web copy” lingo that makes you want to buy something you either a) already own or b) can attain for free. (Hey, someone should write a book about writing such web copy.) No, I saw something that looked legit. Legit enough that I plopped down my, err, PayPal account and ended up $26.45 poorer than when I started looking for some help. Anxiously I awaited the receipt of my Gutter Sense tool. Would it work? Was this a scam? Could I get my money back if it never arrived?

And then it came. Nicely packaged and decent looking enough for me to give it a shot. I promptly hoisted the device into the air atop a 20′ extension pole and pulled the string. What happened? Leaves, loads and loads of leaves came out of the gutter as I lifted the hardened plastic hands out of the gutter. Plop! There was one bundle, now to the next. Thirty minutes later, my gutters were clean. In fact, my gutters were so clean that I was finally removing loose dirt from my gutters using the Gutter Sense tool.

So this year, during the rain storm, I walked about with a hat and rain coat and started working. I did wait for the torrent to subside a little, mind you, but it was still raining pretty good when I went out. And little by little I made my way down the length of each gutter removing the majority of the leaves and dirt that had accumulated during this past year. Less than an hour later, I’m back inside, nice and warm, with nothing but the beautiful sound of rain to listen to on my back porch.

Risking your neck every time you scale a ladder to clean your gutters (even on a single story house)? Try it out for yourself and I think you’ll agree: Gutter Sense really does make sense.


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