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FIPS 140-2 for Mere Mortals

I had a call today from someone who was experiencing an issue centered around SSL. While the subject of this post has absolutely nothing to do with that call, it did make me remember another article I wrote about FIPS … Continue reading

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Delivering the goods…UCM style

I’m going to list several random terms and you tell me what they all have in common. UCM Deliver Rebase Activity Integration Development Stream View ALBD Server No guesses? Oh, come on…it’s not that hard. Or is it? Perhaps after … Continue reading

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The Curse of Rain Upon the Homeowner

I like rain. I didn’t in the past, but now rain and I have come to an understanding. Rain does its thing to keep me, my yard, my garden, and just about everything else alive. I keep my mouth shut … Continue reading

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Steroids to the Brain

I remember this old commercial about the U.S. Army (or one of the armed services…but I think it was the Army). It had this “band” in it that was being “interviewed” and they were really talking up what they had. … Continue reading

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How much we take for granted…

Hello all and welcome to my blog. I’ve wanted to get this started for a long time now and today just happened to finally be the day. Plus I finally noticed this nifty domain was available. Even though my WHOIS … Continue reading

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